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Profoto gear ready to be picked up in Dubai, Boudoir & Fashion Editorial photo session with Aussie model Deanna, New born baby photo session with the Gersch’s celebrating the arrival of Jake plus coverage of the love celebration that will be the union between Kitty & Sakhr, all whilst doing street and travel photography in Austria and Thailand plus some yet undisclosed sessions with two of my favourite models in the world; just to name a little bit of what occupies my existence in this crazy planet in October.

So, please tell me how bored are you with life? Tell me how much you don’t know what to do today?

Contact me any day and I will definitely always use an extra pair of hands, any given day I need way more than 24hrs! Can I borrow some of yours? I mean, since you are seemingly not using them.

Seriously, get out, make yourself happy, take deep breaths of fresh air, share your life, poke someone you love, feed a street cat, find your passion, enjoy your momentary depression, or do nothing, there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing every now and then just as long as you don’t feel you are wasting your life.


Greetings from Vienna, Austria, HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE! 😎

#TravelPhotographer #MarioGuarneros #MexicanPhotographer #Austria #vienna #Wien

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. Being a big city boy (Mexico City being my epicentre and origin) I have some sort of deep love towards all busy megalopolis. Here’s an #iphone #timelapse of Bangkok after the #megamoon #redmoon
#Bangkok #Thailand #MexicanPhotographer #MarioGuarneros #DubaiPhotographer #TravelPhotographer #traffic #GridLock @natgeo @natgeocreative @natgeotravel @thephotosociety #natgeo #natgeotravel #thephotosociety #myshot

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